When youve uncovered water damage in your house, it could be tempting to ignore it or make an effort to fix the condition yourself.

With water damage insurance claims skyrocketing towards over $2.5 billion each year, uninsured families (or those whose insurance wont cover water damage and mold) are worried about the price tag on restoration and repairs.

However, waiting for the problem to disappear completely may end up costing you even more both financially and personally.

Untreated water damage and mold can lead to electrical fires, comprehensive drywall damage, and a full degradation of your homes structure.

Not to mention, water damage carries numerous serious health risks. Contact professionalProFloridian Claims Consultantsand let us help you fight back.

Luckily, qualified and experienced water damage and mold services provide targeted solutions that address every part of the condition and help stop it from getting worse.

Continue reading to find out about there why you ought to address water damage and mold as quickly as possible, and keep yourself well-informed concerning the possible solutions water damage and mold and mold services provided.


Before we get into the solutions provided by water damage and mold services, lets discuss why its so essential that you take these issues seriously.

While of course, water damage and mold poses countless threats to the structural integrity of your home or office, most people arent quite as aware of the real threats to your wellbeing untreated water damage and mold and mold can cause.

First of all, excessive humidity is the perfect environment for mold growth and rapid breeding of dust mites. This means that if you have any type of mostergy, youll be at a disadvantage. Exactly the same goes should you have problems with asthma mold can only make your symptoms worse.

You will need to get water damage and mold under control as soon as possible, since it takes merely about hours for mold to start out rapidly growing.

Mold, if left untreated, can also cause respiratory infections, fungal infections, and in severe cases, could even result in cancer and infertility.

In short, you will need to rely on professional water damage services to obtain yourself, as well as your family out of harms way prior to the mold has an possibility to grow even more.

The Common Factors behind WATER DAMAGE AND MOLD

Now that youre alert to the health risks surrounding water damage and mold, lets examine a few of the primary causes.

Broken Pipes

Pipes can break and cause your water main to burst for a variety of reasons.

Maybe its because of freezing temperatures, or it might simply be because of old, worn-down pipes.

Flooded Appliances

Often, the appliances designed to make our lives easier can cause plenty of water damage and mold in the home, leading you to call in professional water damage and mold services.

Your toilet can overflow, your refrigerator and dishwasher may leak, as well as your bathtub could stepped on because of a faulty drain or perhaps a persistent drip.

Even your washing machine can succumb to water damage and mold when its supply line give way, flooding your laundry room or often your complete home..

Naturally, your A/C and warm water heaters are prime suspects with regards to leaky, faulty appliances in your own home.

Natural Disasters

Mother Nature is unpredictable and shes the key reason why many unsuspecting homeowners depend on water damage and mold services.

Flash flooding, storm damage, and more serious disaster-related water harm often require an insta goodtaneous response.

Sewer Issues

It isnt exactly nice to think about, but backups to your sewer pipe are generally caused by the roots of trees blocking your drains.

This backup can also happen after a significant thunderstorm or natural disaster, as mentioned above. Not merely is thwill be disgusting, its also a significant health hazard. If youre confronted with water damage and mold and mold from your sewer, you should never try to handle the challenge yourself.

Rely instead on the professiuponals offering water damage and mold services.


Sometimes, elevated moisture trapped in the home can wreak havoc. This is especially true regarding excessive humidity that may cause musty odors as well as mold growth if left untreated.

Professional water damage and mold services can simply assist you wit